Sydney Contrarian – Australian Bubble Delusion


Interview with the Sydney Contrarian on the topics of – Low interest rate environment and its distortion on the economy especially personal savings and investments

The fallacy of normalcy bias in the way people perceive the economy and politics, especially the inability for people to see problems in the making until well after it happens

The flaw in the education system especially in mathematics, statistics and finance The

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Humbug Show Interview

Had a great interview with on Humbug Show covering, Australian property market and bubble, Aussie values, immigration and multiculturalism.


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Michael Acuña – Alt Left Alt Right Politics


Michael Acuña, Marxism, Charlottesville, Media, Fascism, Council Communism, Dialectical Thinking, Labour, Donald Trump, Culture, Political Spectrum,Multiculturalism, Identity Politics, Nationalism, Racism, Karl Marx, Capitalism, Libertarianism, Corporatism, Social Darwinism, Nationalism, Socialism, IQ, intelligence, Gay Marriage, Debt Forgiveness, Gig Economy, Shared Economy, Religion

E128. Steve Keen – Australian Housing, China & Xenophobia

teve Keen interview on Australian Property and a raft of topics surrounding the subject.


Steve Keen, Scott Morrison, stamp duty, interest only loans, powder keg, ice nine, James Rickards, SDR, Post-Keynesian, Economics, Economy, Australian Property, Australian Property, Australian Culture, Peter Ustinov, Debt, CPI, GDP, Living Standards, Bubble, Deflation, Hyperinflation, China, Protectionism, Ponzi, Banking, Austerity, Capitalism, Minsky, Free Energy, Automation, Debt Jubilee, Population, Xenophobia, Bob Hawke, John Howard, Dick Smith, 1890s, Japan, German, Liberty, Spy vs Spy

E127. Anarcho-Syndicalist vs Council Communist

Benjamin Smith (Anarcho-Syndicalist) and Michael Acuña (Council Communist) debate the ideologies. Later we discuss UBI (Universal Basic Income) and using violence in the face of Fascism.




Anarcho-Syndicalism, Council Communism, Anarchism, Economics, Unionism, Union, Marxism, Revolution, Democracy, Marxism, Capitalism, Liberty, Equality, Production, Labor, Rudolf Rocker, Workers, Collective, Exploitation, Strike, Socialism, Freeloader, Free Association, Community, UBI, Universal Basic Income, Labor Theory of Value, LTV, Workforce, Oligarchy, Anti-fascism, Antifa



E126. Benjamin Smith – Outlining Anarcho-Syndicalism

Benjamin Smith explains Anarcho-Syndicalism.


For further details please visit –


Anarcho-Syndicalism, Anarchism, Economics, Unionism, Union, Marxism, Revolution, Democracy, Marxism, Capitalism, Liberty, Equality, Production, Labor, Rudolf Rocker, Workers, Collective, Exploitation, Strike, Socialism, Freeloader, Free Association, Community


E125. Dr Nicholas Gruen – Symbiotic Nature of Public and Private Goods

Nicholas Gruen is the CEO of Lateral Economics and a former adviser to the federal government.



Nicholas Gruen, Public Good, Private Good, Poverty, Government, Politics, Economics, Economists, Education, Adam Smith, Hayek, Oligarchy, Corporation, Power, Corruption, Manipulation, Property Bubble, Blockchain, Decentralised, Bitcoin, Capitalism, Living Standards, GDP, politician, Central Planning, Regulators, Debt, Population, Economic Environment, Distribution, Voting, Protectionism, Bureaucracy, Culture, Community, Referendums, Democracy, Property


E124. Dr Cameron K. Murray – Game of Mates – The Process of Corruption

Dr Cameron K. Murray is an economist, blogger and author who is a corruption and property market specialist

Twitter: @DrCameronMurray
Facebook: @fresheconomicthinking
New book:
YouTube Channel:




Cameron Murray, Government, Politics, Economics, Oligarchy, Corporation, Power, Corruption, Conspiracy Theory, Sophistry, Manipulation, Property Bubble, Blockchain, Decentralised, Bitcoin, Capitalism, Living Standards, GDP, CPI, Speculation, politician, Land Re-zoning, RBA, Statistics, Central Planning, Insider deals, Property Developers, Regulators, Capital Gains, Debt, Population, immigration, Flat Tax, Nationalisation


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E123. Michael Shrimpton – Democratising Intelligence



Michael Shrimpton, Spyhunter, Intelligence, DVD, Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, Brexit, Article 50, constitution, Economy, Car Industry, Manufacturing, Trade Stats, Tariffs, Jaguar, Propaganda, Holden, Gaddafi, Migrant crisis, Soros, French Elections, Macron, Le Pen, Enoch Powell, Theresa May, Harold Holt, Cabinet Office, Law, Planting Evidence, Anglo-Saxons, British Royal Family, Mind Control, Social Conditioning, Cryptocurrency, Cyptos, Plato, BBC, Trump, China, North Korea, Jinping, MH370, Empire, Good guys


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“Memories” is the 6th track on the “Dead By Dawn” EP.

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E122. Pirate Party Australia – Simon Frew – Freedom of Ideas


Simon Frew is the President of Pirate Party Australia

Simon Frew, Pirate Party Australia, Digital Rights, Free Speech, Intellectual Property, Open Source, Rent Seeking, Policy, Idea, Live Artist, Patent, Copyright, Royalty, Hollywood Movie, Big Production, R&D, Collaborative Research, Censorship, Decentralization, Fake news, Surveillance, Privacy, Data Collection, Defense, Asylum Seekers, Refugees, Blockchain, Monopoly, Piracy, AI, Automation, Universal Basic Income, File Sharing, P2P, Bounty Reward


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E121. Prof Richard D Wolff – Combining Capitalism in a Future System


Richard David Wolff is an American Marxian economist, well known for his work on Marxian economics, economic methodology, and class analysis.

Prof Wolff, Marxism, Capitalism, Cooperatives, Karl Marx, Freedom, Cooperatives, Robert Owen, Frederick Engels, French Revolution, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Democracy, Autocracy, Monarchy, Feudalism, Corporation, Community, Slavery, Serfdom, Worker Co-op, Mondragon, Shaker, Tech Disruptors, Monopoly, Uber, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Dual Power, Diarchy, Decentralized, Jeremy Corbyn, Shared Economy, Individual, Individualism, Soviet Union, People’s Republic of China, Cuba, Paris Commune, Workplace, Criticism, Socialism, Revolution
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E120. Professor Steve Keen Interview – The Future of Money

Steve Keen, Post-Keynesian, Economics, Economy, Ideology, Neo-Classical, Austrian, Marxism, Australian Property, Equilibrium, Australian Property, EURO, Le Pen, Australian Culture, British Culture, Peter Ustinov, Debt, Copyright, Patent Rules, GDP, Living Standards, Bubble, Deflation, Hyperinflation, Protectionism, Blockchain, Ponzi, Multi-Currency Society, Fantasy, Banking, Austerity, Capitalism, Minsky, Cashless Society, Negative Interest, Anarchism, Free Energy, AI, Automation, Singularity, Transhumanism, Conspiracy Theory, Anger



E119. Communism’s Working Class vs Fascism’s Nationalist Class

Michael Acuña, Marxism, Fascism, Similarities, Council Communism, Dialectical Thinking, Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit, European Union, Enoch Powell, Oswald Mosley, Ted Health, Donald Trump, Rivers of Blood, Mass migration, Immigrant, Culture, Political Spectrum, Islam, Nazism, Multiculturalism, Identity Politics, Nationalism, Racism, Winston Churchill, Cultural Marxism, Populism, Karl Marx, British Empire, Asylum, Globalism, Mercantilism, Capitalism, Leftards, Supremacy, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism, Libertarianism, Corporatism, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Corporatocracy, Nationalise, Social Darwinism, Nationalism, Socialism, Alex Jones, Infowars, Leninism, Leninism, Maoist China, Vanguard Theory, Dual Power, Bolshevik Revolution


Video Presentation


Pro Gun Socialist Claims Communism Is Evolved Capitalism

E118. Hard Brexit – Economic Forecast Predicting What Could Happen

Economics, Economy, Politics, Brexit, UK, Britain, Europe, EU, Referendum, Labour, Sovereignty, Law, Blockchain, Eurosceptic, Lords, Immigration, Currency, Import, Export, Regulation, GBP, Pound, Protectionism, Forecast, Inflation, Stocks, BOE, Monetary, Debt, Recession, Depression, QE, Gilts, GDP, Wealth, Production, Terrorism, Nationalism, Fascism, Unemployment, Article 50, Hard Brexit, Edward Heath, Theresa May, Jimmy Savile, David Cameron, Jean-Claude Juncker, Anarcho-Capitalism, Free Trade, Balance of Trade, Donald Trust, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Boris Johnson, Common Market, Divorce Bill, Interest Rate, Bond Market



Please note –

With no trade agreement there will be high tariffs which will restrict a big proportion of trade. Even with a hard Brexit its very unlikely trade will completely shut down.

E117. WikiLeaks Vault 7 – Meme Warfare

WikiLeaks, Vault 7, Meme, Warfare, Culture, Ideology, Mindsets, Populism, Government, Intelligence Agency, Hollywood, Analysis, Art, Attention, Viral, Politics, Intended, Unintended, Contact, Community, Propaganda, Anti-Culture, Backlash, AI, Feeling, Twitter Feed, Negative, Disruption, Hitler, Conspiracy Theory, Bush, Brexit, Donald Trump, Riane Eisler, Forecast, dominance, partnership, Memetics, Disinformation, Collective, Individuals, Singularity, Paul Joseph Watson, Pathos, Info Wars, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Milo, David Icke, Criticism, Cultural Marxism, Michael Acuña, Fake News, Censorship, Empathy, Trust


E116. Enoch Powell Rivers of Blood – Culture Clash

Enoch Powell, Ted Health, Rivers of Blood, Mass migration, Immigrant, Culture, Lineage, Race, Racism, Religion, Branded, Accent, Language, Values, Freedom, Comedy, Personality, Citizenship, Generation, Multi-culture, Mono-Culture, Multiculturalism, Nationalism, Fascism, Population, Resentment, Minority, Domination, Rhetoric, Identity, Occult, Secret Society, Decision, Islam, Judaism, Corporate Culture, Intelligence Community, Censorship, Power, Anarcho-Capitalism, Integration


E115. University of Kansas School of Social Welfare Flyer Comparing Anarcho-Capitalist to Nazis

Anarcho-Capitalist, Activism,  KU Flyer,, University of Kansas School of Social Welfare, Nazi, Nazism,   Tyranny, Race,  Aryan, Discrimination, Trump, Prejudice, Ethos, Fair, Justice, Populism, Neo-Nazi, Terrorism,  Multiculturalism, Alt-right, White nationalists, Economics, Corporation, Nationalism, Race, Comparison, Values



E111. Views On Trump Prior To Election

Michael Acuña, Cultural Marxism, Debate, Establishment, Bravado, Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Rapist, Trump, Orwell, Crony Capitalism, Military, Anarchism, Spanish Civil War, Egotism, Government, Politics, Corporations, Laws, Media, Power, Tyranny, Socialism, Military, Conflict of Interest, History, Prediction, Police State, Draconian, Class, State, Financial Collapse


E108. Francis Hunt Interview Part 2 – Self Empowerment

Francis Hunt, Currency, Purchasing Power, Peter Schiff, Dash to Trash, Money Supply, Balance of Trade, Service Industry, Derivatives, Deflation, Financial Reset, Supply Chain, Jim Rogers, Community, Simon Black, Sovereign Man, Bond Default, Greece, Drachma, EU, Brexit, Donald Trump, Yanis Varoufakis, Bitcoin, Crytocurrency, Nationalism, Control Structure, Warren Buffett, Black-Scholes, Treasury Bond, Risk-Free Asset, T-Bills, Stagflation, Inflation, Risk Manager, Financial Model, Regulators, Economics, Generation Gap, Demographics, Property Bubble, Voting Block, Democracy, Taxation, Sub-Prime, Investment Banking, Lobby Group, Secret Society, Collusion, Special Interest Group, Elites, Elon Musk, Electric Car, Rockefeller, Freemasonry, Gold, 99%, Hackers, Mediation, Off Grid, Preppers, Self-Reliance


E107. Francis Hunt Interview Part 1 – The Setup

Francis Hunt, Economy, Economics, Mania, Melt Up, Technical Analysis, Velocity of Money, Leverage, Fundamental Analysis, Reactive, Disconnect, Securitization, Sub-Prime, Capitalism, Corporation, Professional Management, Profit Motive, Control Fraud, Incentive, Real Estate, Prime Market, London Property, Property Bubble, Bond Bear Market, China, Pavlovian, Global Conflict, WW3, Europe, Greece, Lending Restrictions, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Currency, South China Sea, Military-Industrial Complex, Deflation, Stagflation, Globalisation, Nationalism, Protectionism, Purchase Power, Currency Devalution, Export Advantage



Australia’s Technical Traders Network :Forex,Future & Equity

Sydney, AU
31 Members

The Sydney Technical Traders Network – (Forex, Futures and Equities) is a new founded Meet-Up group based in Sydney. It is aimed to Enhance, Share Value and Information to tho…

Next Meetup

Making Money through the Future for Commodities and the AUD …

Thursday, Nov 10, 2016, 6:00 PM
7 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →


E106. Nathan Dickey on the State of Journalism

Nathan Dickey, Journalism, Government, Politics, Media, News, Debate, Power, Corruption, Education, Journalist, History, 1930s, 1910s, Muckrakers, Clickbait, Conspiracy Theory, Alt Media, Representation, Propaganda, Zeitgeist Movement, TZM, Scientific Method, Skepticism, Investigation, Freelance Journalism

Recording Date: 03 October 2016


E105. Francis Hunt Preview

Francis Hunt, Australian Property Bubble, Economics, Debt, Deposits, Banking, Modelling, Forecast, Technical Analysis, Fundamentals, Probability, Property, Asset Markets, Emotion, Trending, Leverage, Charting, QE, 1%, Inflation, Stagflation, Bitcoin, War on Cash, Gold, Repatriation


Please check out some great resources from Francis –

  1. ‘The 91% are wrong, how to become the 9%’ a Trader & Chart reading focused, free webinar link below:

ewebinar link

  1. Interviews with a Trader’, actually extends into Macroeconomics and Morality of a system as well and may prove interesting even for those not interested in trading or investing.

Playlist series ‘Interviews with a Trader’:\

  1. Trader/Investor meet ups occurring in Sydney on November the 10th 2016, 1800pm run by Zahid Bank.

Those wishing to appear on a free Live online presentation, Francis will be presenting a key market update to a Sydney audience at 1800 pm Sydney time, followers can join the meet up group linked here below:

E94. How To Create Free Food

Free Food, Capitalism, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Permaculture, Crowd Funding, Distribution, Morality, Robots, Farming, Agriculture, Harvesting, Sowing, Security, Abundance, Miners, Food Coins, Land Acquisition, Metric, Matrix, Yield, Quality, Quantity, Hunger, Desires, Sustenance, Trade, Source Code, Potatoes, Coin Levels, Failure, Incentive, Contract, Law, Insurance, Job Board, Expansion, Currency Collapse, Drones, Black Market, Famine, Charity, Voluntaryism, Resource Based Economy,V irtue, Humanitarianism, Philanthropy


E93. Understanding Hyperinflation

Hyperinflation, Government, economic, economy, neglect, indicators, politics, currency, Fiat, Gold, Bitcoin, GDP, Production, Culture, Bonds, Inflation, Deflation, Production, Speculation, Depression, Loans, Money, Banks, Hoarding, Immigration, Deficit, Wages, Corporations, Shortages, Laws, Taxation, Peak Oil, Social Media, Exchange, Black Market, Serfdom, Survival, Fear,  Kindness, Power, Humanity


E89. Decentralised Zeitgeist Movement

TZM, Zeitgeist Movement, Blockchain, Decentralised, Bitcoin, Technology, Economy, Economics, Currency, Money, Capitalism, Fiat Currency, Government, Production, Living Standards, Risk, Rewards, Cryptography, Encryption, Security, Exchange Rate, Deflation, Miner, Rating Agency, Failure, Profit, Speculation, Innovation, Cooperative, Corruption, Collusion, Pollution, Environment, Survey, Collaboration


E88. Bitcoin Decentralised Banking

Blockchain, Decentralised, Bitcoin, Bank, Technology, Economy, Economics, Currency, Money, Capitalism, Gold, Fiat Currency, Trust, Trust Coin, Government, Regulation, Loan, Borrow, Production, Living Standards, Credit Expansion, Interest, Risk, Rewards, Bankruptcy, Write Off, Broker, Cryptography, Encryption, Security, Exchange Rate, Inflation, Deflation, Miner, Honour, Rating Agency, Credit Worthiness, Failure, Profit, Supply, Crowd Funding, Circulation, Trustworthy, Speculation, Hedging, Monopoly, Collateral, Transparency,


E87. Goodwill Blockchain Coins Interacting

Speculation, Energy, Anti-Monopoly, Innovation, Cooperative, Loans, Ecosystem, Governance, Freemarket, Decentralised, Market, Price Discovery, Corruption, Collusion, measurable, measurement, value, Government, Investment, Policy, Banking, Non Productive, Brain Drain, Resource Allocation, Blockchain, Decentralised, Bitcoin, Bank, Technology, Economy, Economics, Currency, Money, Capitalism, Meteorite, Pollution, Environment, Independence, Survey, Statistical, Leverage Buyout, AI, Humanity


E86. Air Travel Thought Experiment

Sleeper, Beds, Air chargers, WIFI, Conveyor Belt, Travel match, Social connection, Match making, Airport Application, Private rooms, Travel Speed, Carrier Drones, Mothership, Safety, Gun Carry, Luggage on Arrival, Clothe Sizes, Luggage, Turbulence, Sensors, Pressure, temperature, Reflex Wings, Engine Exhaust, Negate Effects, Boarding Card, Database, Dance Club, Night Club, Parachutes, Meetup, Social interest, Facing Seats, Solar wings, Wind power, Generator, Aerodynamic, Energy, Force, Down Force, Air Sails, High frequency adjustment, Pay for Weight, High Speed Rail, Magnets, Cycles, WIFI Satellites, Charging Satellites, Dark Matter, Propulsion, Weather Price, Fly Control, Consumer Demand, Insure Damage, Positive Discrimination, Move Cities, Super Cities, Holographic Natural Beauty Landscapes, Robots Pack Bags, 2nd Market, Welcome Areas, Virtual Reality, Micro Drones, Holographic Image, Modular Planes, Low Fuel Consumption, Pull Propulsion, Space Lift, Modular Plane, Snake Plane


E85. Sex in the future

Sex, future, fertility, scarcity, Herbivore men, Feminists, Sub species, Sperm, Kyoto University, Primordial Germ, Gattaca, Designer babies, DNA, Alien baby, IQ, Multi parent children, STI, Nano bots, Drugs, Sexual Stimulants, Gay, Transgender, Cultural acceptable, Virtual Reality, Fidelity, Infidelity, Life extension, Upload OS, Create Code, Holodeck, Over population, Health, Blended sexuality, The mean, Promiscuous, Throw backs, Raising children, disconnection, Affordable, Transhumanism, Man, Women, Neglect, Sexuality


E84. How we can change the world

Natural laws, Environment, Limitations, Internet of things, Blockchain, Technology, Pessimism, Economy, Economics, Currency, metric, tamper proof, power, Corruption,  Collusion,  measurable, measurement, value, gold, fiat currency, gage improvement, humanity, air, sea, marine life, intrinsic value, scarcity, light pollution, friendship, filters, Miners,  proximity, Arbitrage, price discovery, Health, Coin, Truth, accounting ledger, reporting, substantiated, Charity, friendly society, Wealth transfer, rated improvement, skills, completion, rewarded, Crime, Vigilantly, crime incidences, preventative measures, Collaboration, false reporting, locality, Anti-monopoly, ratio, freedom, business, staff, verification, attendance, Happiness, outdoor sport, Brain scan, Beautification, Pattern recognition, algorithm, vested interest, Automate, AI, Logistics, Efficiency, proximity, Survival, Exploration, Terraforming ,unjust death, dooms day, mapping, Virtue, Eugenics, adverts, Debate, credit, emotion,  logic, Selfish, Transcendence, space, time, matter, Simulation, Manifestation, Bitcoin


E83. Banks Exposed

Property investors, Black–Scholes model, HFT, Monopoly, property bubble, Owners, Credit Expansion, Bankers, Volatility, Perspective, Motives, Redundancy, Buyers, Sellers, Youth, Inflation, Deflation, Sustainability, Immigration, Immigrant, Retail, Manufacturers, Corporations, China, Consumerism, Government, State, Businessman, Stock Investor, Economists, Media, Central Banking, Rating Agency, Hype, Regulators, Risk, Popularity, Instant Gratification, Risk, Trust, Black Swan, Prop Trading, Bankruptcy, Bank Run, Liquidity, Price, Liberty, Sustainability, Economy, Central Banking, Safe Banks, Moral Banks, Fraud, Ponzi


E81. Arguments for & against intellectual property revolution

Intellectuals, Royalties, Search Engine, Elites, Inventors, Investors, Businessmen, Torrent, Government, Artist, Resources, Theft, Property, Force, Branding, Secret Formula, Advance Engineering, Backward Engineering, Scarcity, Rewarding Hard Work, Original, Idea, Accounting Ledger, Usage, Feedback, Interaction, Markets, Copyright, Decay, Fine Tuning, Multiverse, Face Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Mining, Exchange Rate, Living Standards, Circulation, AI


E80. What if history’s greatest musicians came back today?

Battle, Artists, Musician, Entertainment, Freedom, Observation, Technology, Creative, Spiritualism, Stifled, Record Industry, Promotion, Piracy, Intellectual Property, Audience Connection, Barometer of freedom, WW2, Living Standard, Timeless Songs, Comedy, Evolution, Visual Art, Sense Levels, Political Creativeness, Oppression, Passport Controls, Children, Mobile, Instant Gratification




E79. Value Coin – Solution for Intellectual property rights

Intellectuals, Royalties, Search Engine, Elites, Inventors, Investors, Businessmen, Torrent, Government, Artist, Resources, Theft, Property, Force, Branding, Secret Formula, Advance Engineering, Backward Engineering, Scarcity, Rewarding Hard Work, Original, Idea, Accounting Ledger, Usage, Feedback, Interaction, Markets, Copyright, Decay, Fine Tuning, Multiverse, Face Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Mining, Exchange Rate, Living Standards, Circulation, AI


E78. Jamie Dimon Bitcoin Debate

Opinion, Conjecture, Context, Bitcoin, Blockchain, currency, energy, Government, Property Rights, Trade, Police, Law, Military, Merchant, Force, Decentralisation,  Cryptography, Encryption, Validity, Morality, Security, Power, Corruption, Austerity, Will of People, Freedom, Money Laundering, Complaint, Innocence, Insurance, Diplomatic War, War on Terror, War on Drugs, Living Standards, Economy, Economic Growth, Production, Fortune


E77. Human thought on Illness

Illness, Sickness, Death, Confusion, Disease, Medicine, Pain, Rejuvenation, Normalisation, Health, Age, Challenge, Adjust, Elderly, Confidence, Invisibility, Mind over Matter, Psychology, Ailments, Focus, Survival, Fear, Knowledge, Scientific Method, Nutrition, Supplement, Virus, Immune System, Nature, Re-Wiring, Incentivizing, Biology, DNA, Expertise, War, Creativity, Fight, Humanity, Love, loneliness, Virtue, Solution, Evolution


E76. Small Ventures

Wealth Extraction, Inflation, Loans, Economy, Charity, Community, Health, Value, Virtue, Moral, Viability, Franchise, Well-being, Materialism, Services, Happiness, Voluntary, Essentials, Redistribution, Incentive, Tips, Collectables, Crowd Funding, Certification, Corporations, Entrepreneur, Profit Margin, Sex, Resources, Turn over, Society,  Competition, Innovation, Merchandising, Debt, Economy


E74. Bitcoin volatility is back

Economics, Market Forces, adoption phase, free market, accounting ledger, China, America, Credit Expansion, Living Standards, Creating Value, Legal Tender, Law, Force, Financial, Flight to Safety, Transaction Time, Value, Cryptography, Merchant, wealth extraction, inflation, interest, Reserve Currency, Race, Settlement, Accounting, Pump and Dump, Canary, Volatility, Charts, Speculation, Profit taking, Capital Controls


E72. Bitcoin is surging again

This is my opinion and couldn’t be further away from professional financial advice. Do your own due diligence for your unique circumstances.

Gold, Silver Bitcoin, Economics, Market Forces, adoption phase, free market, accounting ledger, China, America, Emerging Markets, Credit Expansion, Stimulus, Living Standards, Creating Value, Legal Tender, Law, Force, Financial, Flight to Safety, Transaction Time, Mt. Gox, Value, Cryptography, Merchant, wealth extraction, inflation, interest


E69. Sex

Drivers, Sex, Survive, Importance, Sexual Orientation, Private life, Weirdness, flirting, Protecting, Informing, Ownership, Sexual Maturity, fertility, relationships, physical, emotional, fantasies, desires, pleasures, Individualism, Delay, restraint, Dominance, submission, Social factors, sexual response cycle, excitement


E65. Addressing Concerns of Capitalism

Evil, Profit Motive, Economics, Economy, Planned obsolescence, Cartel, Printer cartridges, Product,  Reputation, Quality, Isolating, Disposable, Greed, Safety, Customer loyalty, Branding, Collusion, Governments, Fashionable, Disposability, Technological advance, Standardisation, Replicability, Commitment cost. Once committed, Long term, Short term, Resale, Disposal, Physiological, Ingenuity, Laziness, Customer profile, Sustainability, Upgradable, Reliably, Moral hazard, Wise choice, Mindlessness, Shareholders, Wealth Redistributing, Market Force, Inflation


E64. How the Zeitgeist movement can work

Abundance, Scarcity, Environment, Governments, Self-defence, Computer, Production, Central Planning, Prioritising, Mandate, Greed, Sex, Energy, Algorithm, Scientific, Calculation, Product, Super City, Automation, Nutrition, Seasons, Social Problems, Domination, Sexuality, Disincentive, Discipline, Survive, Reproduce, Sterilisation, Technology, Competition, Virtue, States, Military, Corruption, Entertainment, Inspiration, Politics, Economics


E62. Deindustrialisation

History, Industrial Revolution, Manufacturing, Labour, Trade Unions, Skilled, Unskilled, Systematising, Factory, Mechanics, Man, Masculine, Depredation, Working Conditions, Living Standards, India, China, 3rd World, Cost, Automation, Northerners, Outsource, Wealth, Living Standards, Regulators, Regeneration, Minimum Wage, Brain Drain, Consumerism, Government, Taxation, Social, Pride, Margaret Thatcher


E61. Who inflated the property bubble?

Property investors, property bubble, Owners, Credit Expansion, Bankers, Estate Agents, Cluedo, Perspective, Motives, Redundancy, Buyers, Sellers, Youth, Inflation, Deflation, Sustainability, Immigration, Immigrant, Retail, Manufacturers, Corporations, China, Consumerism, Government, State, Businessman, Service Industry, Stock Investor, Economists, Media, Central Banking, Rating Agency, Hype, Regulators, Risk, Popularity, Instant Gratification


E60. Dehumanization

Dehumanization, Psychology, Enemy, Violence, Animalistic, Disgust, Social Distance, Self-control, Mechanistic, Individuality Personality, Compassion, Stigmatisation, Stereotype, Institutions, School, Sub-human, Legitimise, Military, desensitization, Objectification, Corporate media, Advertising, Terrorists, Virtues, Prefrontal cortex, Neutralization, Individual, Guilt, Victimise, Conformity, Epistemologically, illegitimate, responsibility, victim, loyalties, greater good


E59. The greatest animation movie if Hollywood dared…

Arguments, Hollywood, Profit motive, Pixar, Dream works, hidden messages, Inspiration, Virtue, Oppression, Good & Evil, Storytelling, Children, Audience, Propaganda, State, Consumerism, Commercialism, Branding, Disney, Socialism,  Corporatism, Idealised, Idealism, Immorality, Discipline, Knowledge, Practise, Entrepreneurism, altruistic, training, Socrates, Value, Brave, Philanthropy, Production, Efficiency, Reduction, Religiosity,  Plato, Aristotle, Philosophy, Curiosity, Governments, Businessman, Impulsiveness, Hidden Costs, Force, Power, Totalitarianism, Environment, Production


E58. Robot Sex & their ingenious offspring

AI, Artificial intelligence, Replication, Evolution,  Emotional Intelligence, Relationships, Impulsiveness, Negotiation, Sexuality, Toys, Pornography, Machines, Celibacy, IV, Causal Sex, Reproduction, Sterilisation, Technology, Competition, Cryptography, Death, Isolation, Resources, Simulation, Curiosity, Stimulation, rapid learning, patterns recognition, appreciative, sensitivity, wonder, depth, frustration in mundane, Unusual interests, high standards, weirdness


E57. Trade Union movement: Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn in opposition

Labour, Socialism, Michael foot, National Bank, Credit Expansion, Deficit, Public ownership, Railway, Energy sector, Competition, Corporatocracy, Trident, Liberty, Free market, Working Class, Welfare Class, Immigration, Benefits, Housebuilding programme, NHS, Universal childcare, Student fees, Grants, National wage, People’s QE, Taxes, Deindustrialisation Tories, Chinese imports, Protectionism, City of London, Conservative, Austerity, Communism, Monogamy, production, Efficiency, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Blairite, politics, economics, central planning, resource allocation


E54. Seeking Value: What an investor asks?

Predicting Future, Markets, Trends, Scalability, Overestimate, Entrepreneur, Dragons Den, Deduction, Reason, Perception, Failure, Network, Empathy, Understanding Customer,  Determination, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Replication, Inspiration,  Aspirations, Curiosity, Cloud Gaming, Netflix, Status, Information, Methodology, Lifecycle, Cost, Robot, Risk, Reward, Projection, Viable, Price, Reproducibility, Profit Margin, Advice, Frugality, Prediction, Ambitious, Ambition, Sustainability, Indication Ego, Limitation, introspection, Problem, Reducibility, Bluntness, Customer, Competition, Timing, cyclical


E51. Hidden cost of Consumerism

Capitalism, Communism, Consumerism, Happiness, Expansionism, Retail Therapy, Obsolete, Environment, Instant Gratification, Carbon Footprint, Inconvenience, Inconvenient, Selfish, Psychology, Inflation, Property Market, Automation, Exploitation, bio-friendly, Currency, Bonds, Inflation, Governments Solution, Promises, Purchase power, spending, attractive, incomplete, alluring, status, costs, risks, replaceable, recycle, voluntarism, disincentive, pricing, proactive insurance, preventing, ownership, pollution, compensation, independent reviews


E50. “You wait till” Fearmongering at stages of life

School, Education, Work, Marriage, Kids, Shitstorm, Shyness, Timid, Road Block, Success, Failure, Self-empowerment, Fearmongering, Curriculum, Regrets, Etymology, Reflection, Bravery, Fear, Honesty, Curiosity, Job Interview, Confidence, Avoidant, Intimidation, Teachers, Study, Static, Power, Jealously, Introspective, Motivational, Comprehension, Possessiveness, Retrospect, Curiosity, Selfishness, Routine, Reflection, Driver, Childhood, Conversation, Understanding


E49. Dystopia

Pessimistic, Pessimism, Evolution, Economic, Self-empowerment, Credit Expansion, Depressing, Solutions, Debt, Minsky, Bankruptcy, Banking, Deflation, Liquidity, Price, Liberty, Peak Oil, Property Market, Stock Market, Bale in Banks, Pension Funds, Asset Confiscation, QE, Hyperinflation, Food Shortages, Currency Crisis, Service Retracted, Gold, Coup, Military, Squatting, Travel Restrictions, Migration, Coup d’etat, Hunger, Rationing, Rationing, ISP shut down, Orwellian, Extremism, Blame, Anger, Desperation, Sandwich Boards, Protestation, Child Begging, Exploitation, Survival, Government Force, Fear, Totalitarianism, Criminality, Gun Control, Self-Defense, Looting, Ghettos, Marshal Law, Anne Frank, Bullying, Force, Unjust, Prosecution, Horrific Acts, Big Brother, Escalation


Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror

E47. Drones

Warfare, Liberty, Robots, Logistic, Parcels, Delivery, Weapons, Arming, Battlefield, Welfare, Bombing, Technological Advance, Tactics, Escalation, Covert, Gorilla Warfare, Drone Battles, Environment,  Battleship, Proxy Warfare, Surveillance, Drone Vs Drone, Cost Efficient, State, Medical, Sky, Terminator, Oppression, Insurance, Gangs, Robot Warfare, Atrocity, Freedom, Blockchain, Registration, Risk, Friendly, Protection, Voluntarism, Ambulance, Doctor, Carrier, Capsule, Mobility, Attachments, Ownership


E46. Scarcity

Price, Value, Zero Sum, Win/Lose, Trade, Politics, Abundance, Communism, Resources, Capitalism, Money, Millionaire, Discipline, Class, Benefits, Personal Finance, Fear, Reward, Greed, Privilege, Economics, Customers, Credit Expansion, Costs, Work-life, Socialism, Promises, Manipulation, Exploitation, Failures, business, Success, Marx, Goodness, Supply, Debt, Property, Energy, GDP, inflation, Media, Stock Market, Seasons, Queuing, Resourceful, Foreplanning, Curiosity, Intelligence, Land


E45. Lad Culture

Morality, Gathers, Hunting, Bravery, conduct, masculinity, Peers, role model, honor, management, hierarchy, segregation, Classes, whack-a-mole, criticism, concerns, issues, self-gratification, dominating, companionship, comedy, delivery, jokes, hardship, support, dominance, prospectors, ostracism, honesty, humbling, seeking opposite sex, finding partner, sober, philosophic conversation, happiness, hereditary, sport, alcoholism, sharing ideas, forgiving, virtue, comradeship, defense


E44. One World Government

Liberty, Efficiency, Peace, MAD, Terrorism, Amalgamation, central planning, Environment, Sustainability, Economy, Central Banking, Bureaucracy, Rockefeller, Carbon Credit, Stimulus, Credit Expansion, Ownership, Disaster, Insurance, Pretension, Finding Cures, War on Drugs, Corporations, Morality, Border Control, Security, Trade, Business Failure, Economy, Money Supply, Inflation, Law, delusion, implementation, compartmentalise, graduation, globalisation, legitimacy, solution


E40. Utopia

Instant Gratification, Industrious, Ideal Society, Dreamland, Heaven, Pleasure, Ambulance, Government, Economic Crisis, Decentralising, Free Market, Price Discovery, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Private Ownership, Work Ethic, Awakening, Super Hero, Entrepreneur, Voluntarism, Exchange of Value, Moral, No Handouts, Exploitation, Competitiveness, Cost of living, Free Time, Liberty, Freedom, Earn Keep, Perpetual, Counterbalance, Fallacy, Meaning of live, Children are the future, Disciplined, Success


E39. Lookism

Appearance, perceive, symmetry, Attraction, Innate, Disorder, Ugliness, Attention, Attentiveness, Supermodel, Reaction, Health, Fertility, Reproducibility, Fibonacci, Envy, Ostracism, Happiness, Shallow Friends, Selection, Confidence, Virtue, Deception, Sex, Celebrity Culture, Sex Sell, Racism, Culture, Reason


E38. Is there any point of having children?

Hedonism, Marriage, Family, Sacrifices, Contemplation, Preparedness, Patience, Genetics, Sustainability, Virtue, Goodness, Ancestry, Historic Struggle, Intelligence, Selfishness, Expenses, Porn, Biological temptation, Greatest Good, unlived life, Excellence, Trust, Fertility, Control, Emotions, Self-Gratification, Maturity, Temper, Neglect, Affordability, Labour, Assets, Perception, Aspirations, Ideals


The Smiths – Stretch Out and Wait