E37. Terminator Genisys Philosophic Review

Franchise, Syths, Tron, Ridley Scott, Nostalgia, Prometheus, Action, 80s Music, 90s Music, Action, Rebuilding, Motives, CGI, T800, T1000, James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alternate Power, Come back, Protector, TV Series, Low Budget, Refinement, Interaction, Suspense, New Terminator, AI, Matrix, Architect, Intelligence, Virus, Why?, Fundamental Question, Critical Thinking, Restricted Information, Saving Energy, Goodness, Humanity, Beauty, Nihilism, Spielberg, Kubrick, Skynet, Hacking, Activist, Neitze, Superman, Übermensch, Virtue, Bravery


Mitch Murder – Terminator Theme


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