E64. How the Zeitgeist movement can work

Abundance, Scarcity, Environment, Governments, Self-defence, Computer, Production, Central Planning, Prioritising, Mandate, Greed, Sex, Energy, Algorithm, Scientific, Calculation, Product, Super City, Automation, Nutrition, Seasons, Social Problems, Domination, Sexuality, Disincentive, Discipline, Survive, Reproduce, Sterilisation, Technology, Competition, Virtue, States, Military, Corruption, Entertainment, Inspiration, Politics, Economics



E62. Deindustrialisation

History, Industrial Revolution, Manufacturing, Labour, Trade Unions, Skilled, Unskilled, Systematising, Factory, Mechanics, Man, Masculine, Depredation, Working Conditions, Living Standards, India, China, 3rd World, Cost, Automation, Northerners, Outsource, Wealth, Living Standards, Regulators, Regeneration, Minimum Wage, Brain Drain, Consumerism, Government, Taxation, Social, Pride, Margaret Thatcher


E61. Who inflated the property bubble?

Property investors, property bubble, Owners, Credit Expansion, Bankers, Estate Agents, Cluedo, Perspective, Motives, Redundancy, Buyers, Sellers, Youth, Inflation, Deflation, Sustainability, Immigration, Immigrant, Retail, Manufacturers, Corporations, China, Consumerism, Government, State, Businessman, Service Industry, Stock Investor, Economists, Media, Central Banking, Rating Agency, Hype, Regulators, Risk, Popularity, Instant Gratification


E60. Dehumanization

Dehumanization, Psychology, Enemy, Violence, Animalistic, Disgust, Social Distance, Self-control, Mechanistic, Individuality Personality, Compassion, Stigmatisation, Stereotype, Institutions, School, Sub-human, Legitimise, Military, desensitization, Objectification, Corporate media, Advertising, Terrorists, Virtues, Prefrontal cortex, Neutralization, Individual, Guilt, Victimise, Conformity, Epistemologically, illegitimate, responsibility, victim, loyalties, greater good


E59. The greatest animation movie if Hollywood dared…

Arguments, Hollywood, Profit motive, Pixar, Dream works, hidden messages, Inspiration, Virtue, Oppression, Good & Evil, Storytelling, Children, Audience, Propaganda, State, Consumerism, Commercialism, Branding, Disney, Socialism,  Corporatism, Idealised, Idealism, Immorality, Discipline, Knowledge, Practise, Entrepreneurism, altruistic, training, Socrates, Value, Brave, Philanthropy, Production, Efficiency, Reduction, Religiosity,  Plato, Aristotle, Philosophy, Curiosity, Governments, Businessman, Impulsiveness, Hidden Costs, Force, Power, Totalitarianism, Environment, Production


E58. Robot Sex & their ingenious offspring

AI, Artificial intelligence, Replication, Evolution,  Emotional Intelligence, Relationships, Impulsiveness, Negotiation, Sexuality, Toys, Pornography, Machines, Celibacy, IV, Causal Sex, Reproduction, Sterilisation, Technology, Competition, Cryptography, Death, Isolation, Resources, Simulation, Curiosity, Stimulation, rapid learning, patterns recognition, appreciative, sensitivity, wonder, depth, frustration in mundane, Unusual interests, high standards, weirdness


E57. Trade Union movement: Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn in opposition

Labour, Socialism, Michael foot, National Bank, Credit Expansion, Deficit, Public ownership, Railway, Energy sector, Competition, Corporatocracy, Trident, Liberty, Free market, Working Class, Welfare Class, Immigration, Benefits, Housebuilding programme, NHS, Universal childcare, Student fees, Grants, National wage, People’s QE, Taxes, Deindustrialisation Tories, Chinese imports, Protectionism, City of London, Conservative, Austerity, Communism, Monogamy, production, Efficiency, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Blairite, politics, economics, central planning, resource allocation


E54. Seeking Value: What an investor asks?

Predicting Future, Markets, Trends, Scalability, Overestimate, Entrepreneur, Dragons Den, Deduction, Reason, Perception, Failure, Network, Empathy, Understanding Customer,  Determination, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Replication, Inspiration,  Aspirations, Curiosity, Cloud Gaming, Netflix, Status, Information, Methodology, Lifecycle, Cost, Robot, Risk, Reward, Projection, Viable, Price, Reproducibility, Profit Margin, Advice, Frugality, Prediction, Ambitious, Ambition, Sustainability, Indication Ego, Limitation, introspection, Problem, Reducibility, Bluntness, Customer, Competition, Timing, cyclical


E51. Hidden cost of Consumerism

Capitalism, Communism, Consumerism, Happiness, Expansionism, Retail Therapy, Obsolete, Environment, Instant Gratification, Carbon Footprint, Inconvenience, Inconvenient, Selfish, Psychology, Inflation, Property Market, Automation, Exploitation, bio-friendly, Currency, Bonds, Inflation, Governments Solution, Promises, Purchase power, spending, attractive, incomplete, alluring, status, costs, risks, replaceable, recycle, voluntarism, disincentive, pricing, proactive insurance, preventing, ownership, pollution, compensation, independent reviews


E50. “You wait till” Fearmongering at stages of life

School, Education, Work, Marriage, Kids, Shitstorm, Shyness, Timid, Road Block, Success, Failure, Self-empowerment, Fearmongering, Curriculum, Regrets, Etymology, Reflection, Bravery, Fear, Honesty, Curiosity, Job Interview, Confidence, Avoidant, Intimidation, Teachers, Study, Static, Power, Jealously, Introspective, Motivational, Comprehension, Possessiveness, Retrospect, Curiosity, Selfishness, Routine, Reflection, Driver, Childhood, Conversation, Understanding


E49. Dystopia

Pessimistic, Pessimism, Evolution, Economic, Self-empowerment, Credit Expansion, Depressing, Solutions, Debt, Minsky, Bankruptcy, Banking, Deflation, Liquidity, Price, Liberty, Peak Oil, Property Market, Stock Market, Bale in Banks, Pension Funds, Asset Confiscation, QE, Hyperinflation, Food Shortages, Currency Crisis, Service Retracted, Gold, Coup, Military, Squatting, Travel Restrictions, Migration, Coup d’etat, Hunger, Rationing, Rationing, ISP shut down, Orwellian, Extremism, Blame, Anger, Desperation, Sandwich Boards, Protestation, Child Begging, Exploitation, Survival, Government Force, Fear, Totalitarianism, Criminality, Gun Control, Self-Defense, Looting, Ghettos, Marshal Law, Anne Frank, Bullying, Force, Unjust, Prosecution, Horrific Acts, Big Brother, Escalation


Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror

E47. Drones

Warfare, Liberty, Robots, Logistic, Parcels, Delivery, Weapons, Arming, Battlefield, Welfare, Bombing, Technological Advance, Tactics, Escalation, Covert, Gorilla Warfare, Drone Battles, Environment,  Battleship, Proxy Warfare, Surveillance, Drone Vs Drone, Cost Efficient, State, Medical, Sky, Terminator, Oppression, Insurance, Gangs, Robot Warfare, Atrocity, Freedom, Blockchain, Registration, Risk, Friendly, Protection, Voluntarism, Ambulance, Doctor, Carrier, Capsule, Mobility, Attachments, Ownership


E46. Scarcity

Price, Value, Zero Sum, Win/Lose, Trade, Politics, Abundance, Communism, Resources, Capitalism, Money, Millionaire, Discipline, Class, Benefits, Personal Finance, Fear, Reward, Greed, Privilege, Economics, Customers, Credit Expansion, Costs, Work-life, Socialism, Promises, Manipulation, Exploitation, Failures, business, Success, Marx, Goodness, Supply, Debt, Property, Energy, GDP, inflation, Media, Stock Market, Seasons, Queuing, Resourceful, Foreplanning, Curiosity, Intelligence, Land


E45. Lad Culture

Morality, Gathers, Hunting, Bravery, conduct, masculinity, Peers, role model, honor, management, hierarchy, segregation, Classes, whack-a-mole, criticism, concerns, issues, self-gratification, dominating, companionship, comedy, delivery, jokes, hardship, support, dominance, prospectors, ostracism, honesty, humbling, seeking opposite sex, finding partner, sober, philosophic conversation, happiness, hereditary, sport, alcoholism, sharing ideas, forgiving, virtue, comradeship, defense


E44. One World Government

Liberty, Efficiency, Peace, MAD, Terrorism, Amalgamation, central planning, Environment, Sustainability, Economy, Central Banking, Bureaucracy, Rockefeller, Carbon Credit, Stimulus, Credit Expansion, Ownership, Disaster, Insurance, Pretension, Finding Cures, War on Drugs, Corporations, Morality, Border Control, Security, Trade, Business Failure, Economy, Money Supply, Inflation, Law, delusion, implementation, compartmentalise, graduation, globalisation, legitimacy, solution