E71. Future effects of how we live now

YouTube, Short Clips, Sound Bites, Past, Metaphysic, Avatar, Trolling, Instant access, Instant quality, Instant Gratification, Over Populated, Disconnection, Disposability, Expendability, Rich Migration, Big investments, Shared usage, antagonist, Government, rebellious people, Insular social skills, online community, Content is free, Quality is valued, Land, Generations



E69. Sex

Drivers, Sex, Survive, Importance, Sexual Orientation, Private life, Weirdness, flirting, Protecting, Informing, Ownership, Sexual Maturity, fertility, relationships, physical, emotional, fantasies, desires, pleasures, Individualism, Delay, restraint, Dominance, submission, Social factors, sexual response cycle, excitement


E65. Addressing Concerns of Capitalism

Evil, Profit Motive, Economics, Economy, Planned obsolescence, Cartel, Printer cartridges, Product,  Reputation, Quality, Isolating, Disposable, Greed, Safety, Customer loyalty, Branding, Collusion, Governments, Fashionable, Disposability, Technological advance, Standardisation, Replicability, Commitment cost. Once committed, Long term, Short term, Resale, Disposal, Physiological, Ingenuity, Laziness, Customer profile, Sustainability, Upgradable, Reliably, Moral hazard, Wise choice, Mindlessness, Shareholders, Wealth Redistributing, Market Force, Inflation