E89. Decentralised Zeitgeist Movement

TZM, Zeitgeist Movement, Blockchain, Decentralised, Bitcoin, Technology, Economy, Economics, Currency, Money, Capitalism, Fiat Currency, Government, Production, Living Standards, Risk, Rewards, Cryptography, Encryption, Security, Exchange Rate, Deflation, Miner, Rating Agency, Failure, Profit, Speculation, Innovation, Cooperative, Corruption, Collusion, Pollution, Environment, Survey, Collaboration



E88. Bitcoin Decentralised Banking

Blockchain, Decentralised, Bitcoin, Bank, Technology, Economy, Economics, Currency, Money, Capitalism, Gold, Fiat Currency, Trust, Trust Coin, Government, Regulation, Loan, Borrow, Production, Living Standards, Credit Expansion, Interest, Risk, Rewards, Bankruptcy, Write Off, Broker, Cryptography, Encryption, Security, Exchange Rate, Inflation, Deflation, Miner, Honour, Rating Agency, Credit Worthiness, Failure, Profit, Supply, Crowd Funding, Circulation, Trustworthy, Speculation, Hedging, Monopoly, Collateral, Transparency,


E87. Goodwill Blockchain Coins Interacting

Speculation, Energy, Anti-Monopoly, Innovation, Cooperative, Loans, Ecosystem, Governance, Freemarket, Decentralised, Market, Price Discovery, Corruption, Collusion, measurable, measurement, value, Government, Investment, Policy, Banking, Non Productive, Brain Drain, Resource Allocation, Blockchain, Decentralised, Bitcoin, Bank, Technology, Economy, Economics, Currency, Money, Capitalism, Meteorite, Pollution, Environment, Independence, Survey, Statistical, Leverage Buyout, AI, Humanity


E86. Air Travel Thought Experiment

Sleeper, Beds, Air chargers, WIFI, Conveyor Belt, Travel match, Social connection, Match making, Airport Application, Private rooms, Travel Speed, Carrier Drones, Mothership, Safety, Gun Carry, Luggage on Arrival, Clothe Sizes, Luggage, Turbulence, Sensors, Pressure, temperature, Reflex Wings, Engine Exhaust, Negate Effects, Boarding Card, Database, Dance Club, Night Club, Parachutes, Meetup, Social interest, Facing Seats, Solar wings, Wind power, Generator, Aerodynamic, Energy, Force, Down Force, Air Sails, High frequency adjustment, Pay for Weight, High Speed Rail, Magnets, Cycles, WIFI Satellites, Charging Satellites, Dark Matter, Propulsion, Weather Price, Fly Control, Consumer Demand, Insure Damage, Positive Discrimination, Move Cities, Super Cities, Holographic Natural Beauty Landscapes, Robots Pack Bags, 2nd Market, Welcome Areas, Virtual Reality, Micro Drones, Holographic Image, Modular Planes, Low Fuel Consumption, Pull Propulsion, Space Lift, Modular Plane, Snake Plane


E85. Sex in the future

Sex, future, fertility, scarcity, Herbivore men, Feminists, Sub species, Sperm, Kyoto University, Primordial Germ, Gattaca, Designer babies, DNA, Alien baby, IQ, Multi parent children, STI, Nano bots, Drugs, Sexual Stimulants, Gay, Transgender, Cultural acceptable, Virtual Reality, Fidelity, Infidelity, Life extension, Upload OS, Create Code, Holodeck, Over population, Health, Blended sexuality, The mean, Promiscuous, Throw backs, Raising children, disconnection, Affordable, Transhumanism, Man, Women, Neglect, Sexuality


E84. How we can change the world

Natural laws, Environment, Limitations, Internet of things, Blockchain, Technology, Pessimism, Economy, Economics, Currency, metric, tamper proof, power, Corruption,  Collusion,  measurable, measurement, value, gold, fiat currency, gage improvement, humanity, air, sea, marine life, intrinsic value, scarcity, light pollution, friendship, filters, Miners,  proximity, Arbitrage, price discovery, Health, Coin, Truth, accounting ledger, reporting, substantiated, Charity, friendly society, Wealth transfer, rated improvement, skills, completion, rewarded, Crime, Vigilantly, crime incidences, preventative measures, Collaboration, false reporting, locality, Anti-monopoly, ratio, freedom, business, staff, verification, attendance, Happiness, outdoor sport, Brain scan, Beautification, Pattern recognition, algorithm, vested interest, Automate, AI, Logistics, Efficiency, proximity, Survival, Exploration, Terraforming ,unjust death, dooms day, mapping, Virtue, Eugenics, adverts, Debate, credit, emotion,  logic, Selfish, Transcendence, space, time, matter, Simulation, Manifestation, Bitcoin