E93. Understanding Hyperinflation

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2 thoughts on “E93. Understanding Hyperinflation

  1. You made a good illustration of the matter from an American perspective (especially the “prepper” part and the thing about surrounding yourself with good, cooperative souls. I admit it, the first time I heard it, I thought the idea of making useful friends seem revolted, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.)

    However, you mentioned about preparing the goods and the skills for the impending doom, but you do realize how hard is it in practice, especially the poor? They work all day and barely make ends meet, so how could they spare any effort to prepare for a hypothetical situation?

    A broader idea that it seems until now, all personal solution to the matter of economic and social crackdown that I’ve heard until now mostly target the urban middle class of a nation.

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  2. Being poor is the tough, there is far less of a barrier between you and starvation. There is however advantages. Firstly, they are never too proud to do a menial task. They are also are not locked into a job where it pays enough that they don’t have to look else where. They are liquid labor so if they are applying themselves to a number of professions they’d most likely be the first to benefit from a up turn of the economic cycle. During a downturn everything is reevaluated so superfluous jobs with pay high wages go to the wayside while jobs in operations/production are kept. You can also see that due to austerity measures government services are going to be retrenched. If I were in poverty I’d be looking at ways I could privately do these services. If we look at history during the fall of the Roman empire there was Serfdom due to the abandoned of Cities/Government. With this, I’d look to get as close as possible to the production of essential good/services (Food, Water, Clothes, Shelter, Waste Management). All the tiny laws will be hard to impose especially barriers to entry. So if you can sell food on the street (cut hair etc) during these times I’d imagine police would turn a blind eye as they’d have far bigger problems to deal with.
    But yes build your base of friends, do a good turn for people you may be not so sure about. You never know who will be the one to open the door.


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