E103. How Blockchain Anarcho-Capitalism Should Work

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3 thoughts on “E103. How Blockchain Anarcho-Capitalism Should Work

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  2. One question that has been bugging me for a few months is that how good do you expect yours (and other anarcho-capitalism model) will provide the capital for science and arts. I understand that while in the case of the latter, you can expect kickstarter funding (although then again the authors will have to be more mindful about the consumerism aspect of their final products), but what about the former? Can science keeps its objectivity aim?

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    • Hi Fireminer,

      Science would be ultra free-market and patent free. This means breakthroughs would happen on a regular basis with heightened competition with the rights to use all knowledge to get the new improved product out. Major conglomerate corporations would be fragmented into smaller companies making small improvements.
      If they wanted to embark on a major project they can cooperate and crowd fund. To ensure they are reimbursed they’ll have the revenue of being the 1st product released until they are copied. They can have branding on there products so consumers would charitably purchase their products knowing they did the majority of the effort to get the product released. Finally they can create a type customer contract where the product is used in protected locations so it cannot be forged.
      The same applies to the Arts but I’d imagine more profit would be made by providing something that is bespoke to small groups or individual rather than the masses.
      You might interested in this episode where I did a thought experiment on getting a return on a idea which furthers knowledge –


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