E109. Predictable Predictions for 2017

Bond Bear Market, Populism, Nationalism, Cultural Identity, Volatility, Property Bubble, Cold War, Heros, Dictators, Taxation, Globalization, Protectionism, AI, Anti-AI, Anti-Globalization, Downfall of Cinema, Movie Flops, America China Tensions, Proxy Wars, Military Tension, Military Boom, Home Grown Terrorism, Anti-Immigration




E108. Francis Hunt Interview Part 2 – Self Empowerment

Francis Hunt, Currency, Purchasing Power, Peter Schiff, Dash to Trash, Money Supply, Balance of Trade, Service Industry, Derivatives, Deflation, Financial Reset, Supply Chain, Jim Rogers, Community, Simon Black, Sovereign Man, Bond Default, Greece, Drachma, EU, Brexit, Donald Trump, Yanis Varoufakis, Bitcoin, Crytocurrency, Nationalism, Control Structure, Warren Buffett, Black-Scholes, Treasury Bond, Risk-Free Asset, T-Bills, Stagflation, Inflation, Risk Manager, Financial Model, Regulators, Economics, Generation Gap, Demographics, Property Bubble, Voting Block, Democracy, Taxation, Sub-Prime, Investment Banking, Lobby Group, Secret Society, Collusion, Special Interest Group, Elites, Elon Musk, Electric Car, Rockefeller, Freemasonry, Gold, 99%, Hackers, Mediation, Off Grid, Preppers, Self-Reliance