E124. Dr Cameron K. Murray – Game of Mates – The Process of Corruption

Dr Cameron K. Murray is an economist, blogger and author who is a corruption and property market specialist

Twitter: @DrCameronMurray
Facebook: @fresheconomicthinking
Web: http://fresheconomicthinking.com
New book: http://gameofmates.com
YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/6Ni2pAZ_k-w




Cameron Murray, Government, Politics, Economics, Oligarchy, Corporation, Power, Corruption, Conspiracy Theory, Sophistry, Manipulation, Property Bubble, Blockchain, Decentralised, Bitcoin, Capitalism, Living Standards, GDP, CPI, Speculation, politician, Land Re-zoning, RBA, Statistics, Central Planning, Insider deals, Property Developers, Regulators, Capital Gains, Debt, Population, immigration, Flat Tax, Nationalisation


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