Michael Acuña – 2017 to 2018

Michael Acuña and I are looking back at 2017 and forecasting 2018
Recorded on 28 Dec 2017


Michael Acuña – 2017 to 2018.mp3


2 thoughts on “Michael Acuña – 2017 to 2018

  1. While I find myself largely in agreement with your ideas, there are a few points which I must question:

    1. You shouldn’t have taken Hollywood as an example. Yes, last year was filled with terrible box offices, but that didn’t mean studios only churned out craps. There were plenty good artistic movies, indies or not. And beside, as for the terrible ones, only a few had been reported to be the result of executive meddling

    As for the whole “nostalgia” thing, it is only a trend like many others that studios had once followed. It would pass eventually

    2. On the topic of university, yes, I agree that there is somewhat an impulse by students and professors to conform to the norm, the dogma. But the way you talked about them made it fell like everything they conform to were bad, incuding STEM which are based on empirical data.

    Beside, you elevated the role of independent thinkers too high. They were creative, yes, but I could not see why they were thought to be more creative than researchers who done their works in the academic setting of university. In fact, I would argue that the universities facilitate better researchs

    Other than these points, I enjoyed you and Acuna’s conversation as always.

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