Humbug Show Interview

Had a great interview with on Humbug Show covering, Australian property market and bubble, Aussie values, immigration and multiculturalism.


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One thought on “Humbug Show Interview

  1. This is probably the episode of your show I like the least. It is not like I disagree with everything you and your guess had said, it is just that there are big points you raised that made this episode felt like two lethargic person reminiscing about the “Good old day”.

    The biggest thing I disagree with is your idea about young people being irresponsible about voting. Isn’t because they care that they go to vote? Young people do care about their future, and they know – or at least have an inkling – about the effect of their votes on their future.

    Next, the idea of “having something” to make you suitable for voting sounds too close to the classical Athenians idea of democracy to me. You know, the one where only people with property were allowed to vote, and not the slaves.

    And beside, the largest demographic who voted for Trump are people who has families, jobs, and such, but geeling these things slipping out of their control, not the people who has nothing in the first place.


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