E42. How are we evolving now?

Choosing Partners, Sexuality, Alpha, Selection, Darwin, Classes, Benefits, Governments, Incentives, Industrious, Taxes, Distortion, Education, Curriculum, IQ, Happiness, Sexualized, Welfare, Virtue, Determination, Discipline



E40. Utopia

Instant Gratification, Industrious, Ideal Society, Dreamland, Heaven, Pleasure, Ambulance, Government, Economic Crisis, Decentralising, Free Market, Price Discovery, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Private Ownership, Work Ethic, Awakening, Super Hero, Entrepreneur, Voluntarism, Exchange of Value, Moral, No Handouts, Exploitation, Competitiveness, Cost of living, Free Time, Liberty, Freedom, Earn Keep, Perpetual, Counterbalance, Fallacy, Meaning of live, Children are the future, Disciplined, Success


E39. Lookism

Appearance, perceive, symmetry, Attraction, Innate, Disorder, Ugliness, Attention, Attentiveness, Supermodel, Reaction, Health, Fertility, Reproducibility, Fibonacci, Envy, Ostracism, Happiness, Shallow Friends, Selection, Confidence, Virtue, Deception, Sex, Celebrity Culture, Sex Sell, Racism, Culture, Reason


E38. Is there any point of having children?

Hedonism, Marriage, Family, Sacrifices, Contemplation, Preparedness, Patience, Genetics, Sustainability, Virtue, Goodness, Ancestry, Historic Struggle, Intelligence, Selfishness, Expenses, Porn, Biological temptation, Greatest Good, unlived life, Excellence, Trust, Fertility, Control, Emotions, Self-Gratification, Maturity, Temper, Neglect, Affordability, Labour, Assets, Perception, Aspirations, Ideals


The Smiths – Stretch Out and Wait

E37. Terminator Genisys Philosophic Review

Franchise, Syths, Tron, Ridley Scott, Nostalgia, Prometheus, Action, 80s Music, 90s Music, Action, Rebuilding, Motives, CGI, T800, T1000, James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alternate Power, Come back, Protector, TV Series, Low Budget, Refinement, Interaction, Suspense, New Terminator, AI, Matrix, Architect, Intelligence, Virus, Why?, Fundamental Question, Critical Thinking, Restricted Information, Saving Energy, Goodness, Humanity, Beauty, Nihilism, Spielberg, Kubrick, Skynet, Hacking, Activist, Neitze, Superman, Übermensch, Virtue, Bravery


Mitch Murder – Terminator Theme

E36. Orwell’s 1984 vs Huxley’s Brave New World

Dystopia, Neverland, Oppression, Force, Government, Predicting Future, Philosophy, Eugenics, Lessons, Extension, Censorship, Extinction, Information, Search Engine, Tiananmen Square, 9/11, Nobody Reads, Propaganda, Conspiracy Theorist, Relevance, Deprivation, Information Freedom, Leaker, Traitor, Whistle blower, Edward Snowden, Panic, Protection, Information Overload, Evidence, Channelled, Compartmented, Narrative, Counterbalance, Culture, Media, Centralisation, Instant Gratification, Nostalgia, Liberty, Tyrannical, Patriot Act, Freedom of Speech, Ignorance, Distraction, Alternative Media, Laze, Procrastination


E35. Property Bubble

Economics, Lies, History, Statistics, Politics, Channelling, Philosophy, Unsustainability, Investment, Research, Debt, Speculation, Speculator, Investor, Australian Property, US Property, UK Property, Dreams, Image, Wages vs House Price, Cycles, Economic, Supply & Demand, Drivers, Causation, Deprecation, Land, Population, Government, Interest, QE, Banking, Credit Expansion, Money Supply, Demographics, Employment, Jobs, Central Banking, Risk, Bonds, Welfare, Bailouts, Default, Bankruptcy, Wealth Transfer


E34. World Economic Predictions

Economics, Resources, History, Crisis, Depression, Deflation, Inflation, Hyperinflation, Oppression, Freedom, Statistics, Exponential rises, mass stupidity, Instant Gratification, Debt Recovery, Credit Bubble, Debt Expansion, Slavery, Flight from repayment, Mass Immigration, Localism, Central Banking, Government Solutions, Tulip Fever, Liberty, Psychology, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Confiscation, Taxation, Liquidity, Bond Market, Safe Banks, Moral Banks, Fraud, Ponzi, Pyramid scheme, Power Vacuum, Decentralisation, Serfdoms, Land Owners, Prudence, Virtue, Friends


E32. Design thoughts

Fiverr, Design, Designers, description, Donald Trump, George W Bush, Conception, Creative, Beauty, tarot card reader, DIY, replication, Inspiration, Divergence, Critical thinking, pattern recognition, transformation, consciousness, sustainability, re-engineering, improving, methodologies, trial and error, day dream, recognition, random, dimensions, Art


E31. No more pain

Morality, Virtue, Ethics, Pain, Philosophy, Suffering, Neitze, Shock, Life, Nature, Consequences, David Pearce, transplant, nanobots, organs, compulsive switch, addiction, nerve system, danger, Human OS, carbon to silicon, biological to technological, cybernetics, character, back up copy, regeneration


E30. Future ways to trade value

Point of Purchase, Business, Technology, Retail, Minimizing Cost, Energy, WALL-E, couch potato, Money, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Wallet, Mobile, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Online Banking, Q code, purchase time, Negotiation, instantaneous, timing, survey, market research, insurance, product, returns, pre-purchase, experience, likes, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Siri, communication, ownership, registration, security, accounting ledger, international trade, drone, resource based economy, Zeitgeist, Central Planning, Economics


E27. How to mend a broken heart

Loss, Breakup, Grief, Death, Experience, thoughts, non medical, non professional, philosophy, Why? Replacement, Closeness, self-sufficient, shared moments, financial, Social, knowledge, questioning, Experiences, Virtues, Beauty, Infatuation, Mike Tyson, Channeling, Introspective, Pain management, Lists, Strengths, Coping, Learning


E26. Artificial Aided Intelligence – AAI

Virtual Reality, Pessimistic, Pessimism, Optimistic, automation, outsourcing, tribe, hunting, farming, boarders, warlord, king, resources, taxes, blacksmith, contracts, computers, affirmation, insurance, Banking, Total Recall, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, first person experience, learning guitar, Discipline, writing music, business plans, Science, iPhone, Android, Life extension, Google Glasses, Brain waves, Flight of the Navigator, Brain enhancement, Human OS, Human Operating System, Creativity, Tools, Web Design, unlocked potential


E22. Our Protectionism

Ideas, Money, Charity, Dance Music, Discovering new, Sharing, Taste in music, Quality, Fruits of Labour, Disarray, Squirreled away, CD, Story Binding, Pleasure, Sharing Ideas, Sharing experience, Letting go, Friendship, Generosity, Entertaining, Failure, Praise, Passing comment, Self-interest, Selfishness, Excel, Reconciliation, VBA, Teaching, Learning, Retiring, Redundant, Pursuit of Knowledge, Avoiding Failure, Happiness, Reward, Disability. Root of all Evil


E21. The Profit Motive

Greed, Incentive, Frustration, Envy, Measurement of success, Motivation, Allocation of Resources, Corporation, Responsibility, Negliect, Pollution, Contracts, Blockchain, Regulation, Blockchain Law, Airspace, Evil Employer, Neglecting Safety in pursuit of profit, Insurance, Copyright, Self-interest, Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Biocentrism, Empathy, Virtues, Share, Success, Kind, Generous, Protect the Weak, Reciprocal Relationship, Schindler, Society, Competition, Improving living standards, Applying Emotions in the Correct Way, Transfer of value, Price Fixing, Cost, Cooperative, Shares, Celebrity, Disenfranchised, Immorality, Anarcho Capitalism, Libertarianism E21VOE.mp3

E20. Chinese Eugenics

China, Spy Network, Chinese People, Fear, Ear on mouse, Nazi, Nazism, Frankenstein, Genetic Quality, Natural Selection, Breeding, Charles Darwin, Evolution, Survival of the Fittest, Intelligence, Virtue, Gattaca, Health, Childbirth, IQ, Government Programs, State Prosecution, Sterilisation, Interiority, Superior Race, Superiority, Birth Defects, Racism, Strength, Beauty, Agriculture, Genetically Modified, GMO, Biodiversity, DNA, Genome, Dogs, Racism, Environment, Trade-off, School Grade, Memory Retention, Analytical, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Creativity, Expectation, Singularity, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, Spatial Mind, Discrimination, Pol Pot, Competition, Neanderthal, Performance Enhancing Drugs, Voluntary, Paralympics, Determination, Depopulation, Day Dreaming, Albert Einstein, Curiosity


E19. Hollywood is running out of ideas. Why don’t you have a go?

Film Making, Hollywood, Remakes, Unimaginative, Plot, Risk, Script, The Goonies, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Aliens, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Duel, Suspense, Characters, 1980s, Explosion of Ideas, Attention to Detail, Pixar, Disney, Scene, Lighting, Comedian, Lived life, Small-Scale, Size of the Machine, Stanley Kubrick, Truth, Monster, Superhero, GoPro, Low Budget, Horror, Editing, Repetition, Blair Witch Project, The Running Man, Oppression, True, Realistic, Free Labour, Analogy, Quentin Tarantino, Studying, Good vs Evil, Narrative, Multiple plot lines, Depth of Character, John Carpenter, Synthesizer, DIY, Acting, Comic Books, Power, Reservoir Dogs, Pick up artists, Movie Industry, Flop, Soundtrack, Life lesson


E7. My philosophic journey Part 2

Politics, David Icke, Alex Jones, Zeitgeist, Peter Joseph, Resource Based Economy, Humanities self Defense, Technocracy, Age of Enlightenment, Freemasons, Arguments, Stefan Molyneux, Anarcho Capitalism, Minarchism, Non violent, Freemarket, Liberty, Libertarian, Principles, Tools of philosophy, How to think, Scientific Method, Universal Principles, Morality, Virtue, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, John Locke, Steve Keen, Milton Friedman


Public Image Limited – Rise

E6. Greece’s final Solution

Government speak truth on Greece, police breathalyse, greek pensioners future, greeks youth future, greek closing of government, Greeks solution, Governments truthful address to the people, Converstion to anarcho capitalism, Prospects for the youth, Ideas for the youth, Greatest oppertunies for the youth, Looking after the elderly, Fire sale of greek assets, Self ownership, Greek entrepreneurial expansion, Kick off freemarket, Bitcoin


Bob Dylan – Blowing In The Wind