E37. Terminator Genisys Philosophic Review

Franchise, Syths, Tron, Ridley Scott, Nostalgia, Prometheus, Action, 80s Music, 90s Music, Action, Rebuilding, Motives, CGI, T800, T1000, James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alternate Power, Come back, Protector, TV Series, Low Budget, Refinement, Interaction, Suspense, New Terminator, AI, Matrix, Architect, Intelligence, Virus, Why?, Fundamental Question, Critical Thinking, Restricted Information, Saving Energy, Goodness, Humanity, Beauty, Nihilism, Spielberg, Kubrick, Skynet, Hacking, Activist, Neitze, Superman, Übermensch, Virtue, Bravery


Mitch Murder – Terminator Theme


E32. Design thoughts

Fiverr, Design, Designers, description, Donald Trump, George W Bush, Conception, Creative, Beauty, tarot card reader, DIY, replication, Inspiration, Divergence, Critical thinking, pattern recognition, transformation, consciousness, sustainability, re-engineering, improving, methodologies, trial and error, day dream, recognition, random, dimensions, Art


E27. How to mend a broken heart

Loss, Breakup, Grief, Death, Experience, thoughts, non medical, non professional, philosophy, Why? Replacement, Closeness, self-sufficient, shared moments, financial, Social, knowledge, questioning, Experiences, Virtues, Beauty, Infatuation, Mike Tyson, Channeling, Introspective, Pain management, Lists, Strengths, Coping, Learning


E20. Chinese Eugenics

China, Spy Network, Chinese People, Fear, Ear on mouse, Nazi, Nazism, Frankenstein, Genetic Quality, Natural Selection, Breeding, Charles Darwin, Evolution, Survival of the Fittest, Intelligence, Virtue, Gattaca, Health, Childbirth, IQ, Government Programs, State Prosecution, Sterilisation, Interiority, Superior Race, Superiority, Birth Defects, Racism, Strength, Beauty, Agriculture, Genetically Modified, GMO, Biodiversity, DNA, Genome, Dogs, Racism, Environment, Trade-off, School Grade, Memory Retention, Analytical, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Creativity, Expectation, Singularity, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, Spatial Mind, Discrimination, Pol Pot, Competition, Neanderthal, Performance Enhancing Drugs, Voluntary, Paralympics, Determination, Depopulation, Day Dreaming, Albert Einstein, Curiosity