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E122. Pirate Party Australia – Simon Frew – Freedom of Ideas


Simon Frew is the President of Pirate Party Australia

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Intro Music by Maximum Love –

“Memories” is the 6th track on the “Dead By Dawn” EP.

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E117. WikiLeaks Vault 7 – Meme Warfare

WikiLeaks, Vault 7, Meme, Warfare, Culture, Ideology, Mindsets, Populism, Government, Intelligence Agency, Hollywood, Analysis, Art, Attention, Viral, Politics, Intended, Unintended, Contact, Community, Propaganda, Anti-Culture, Backlash, AI, Feeling, Twitter Feed, Negative, Disruption, Hitler, Conspiracy Theory, Bush, Brexit, Donald Trump, Riane Eisler, Forecast, dominance, partnership, Memetics, Disinformation, Collective, Individuals, Singularity, Paul Joseph Watson, Pathos, Info Wars, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Milo, David Icke, Criticism, Cultural Marxism, Michael Acuña, Fake News, Censorship, Empathy, Trust


E116. Enoch Powell Rivers of Blood – Culture Clash

Enoch Powell, Ted Health, Rivers of Blood, Mass migration, Immigrant, Culture, Lineage, Race, Racism, Religion, Branded, Accent, Language, Values, Freedom, Comedy, Personality, Citizenship, Generation, Multi-culture, Mono-Culture, Multiculturalism, Nationalism, Fascism, Population, Resentment, Minority, Domination, Rhetoric, Identity, Occult, Secret Society, Decision, Islam, Judaism, Corporate Culture, Intelligence Community, Censorship, Power, Anarcho-Capitalism, Integration


E36. Orwell’s 1984 vs Huxley’s Brave New World

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