E117. WikiLeaks Vault 7 – Meme Warfare

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E105. Francis Hunt Preview

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Please check out some great resources from Francis –

  1. ‘The 91% are wrong, how to become the 9%’ a Trader & Chart reading focused, free webinar link below:

ewebinar link

  1. Interviews with a Trader’, actually extends into Macroeconomics and Morality of a system as well and may prove interesting even for those not interested in trading or investing.

Playlist series ‘Interviews with a Trader’:


  1. Trader/Investor meet ups occurring in Sydney on November the 10th 2016, 1800pm run by Zahid Bank.

Those wishing to appear on a free Live online presentation, Francis will be presenting a key market update to a Sydney audience at 1800 pm Sydney time, followers can join the meet up group linked here below: